A network of specialists powered by Pawlik Academy

We work together wholeheartedly, with partners who share our values and goals, and want to further expand this strong network. Experience shows time after time: Together we can achieve more.

Be part of our global network, which currently operates with 300 consultants in 60 countries and 14 offices.


We offer you our expertise in developing Sales, Leadership, Agile People, and Digital tranformations.


Don’t lose any more customers. Together we are able to take on projects of any size.

Create an additional source of income. Share the revenue from your leads systematically – and participate in international programs.

Achieve growth without compromising your freedom, Pawlik network partners!

Who we are

PAWLIK has been developing people and organizations for over 20 years and built up an excellent international network. As implementation consultants, we support companies in achieving their objectives efficiently and sustainably. With the four areas of expertise Sales Excellence, Leadership, Team Dynamics & Agile People and Digital Transformations, we are represented at fourteen locations worldwide and with 300 specialists active in 60 countries. We are all united by the goal to have a comprehensive view on people and companies and to provide systemic advice.

We have prepared ourselves for the opportunities offered by digitalization through strategic collaboration with well-known partners and companies in the digital environment. We give companies today the answers to tomorrow’s questions.

We combine scientific knowledge with practical expertise. With this approach we have developed a unique methodological competence, which we also pass on to our partners as part of training programs.


Growing together in the PAWLIK network

With you as our partner, we want to expand our strong network and be successful together. What connects us:

Together with our network partners, we want to conquer the world and provide our customers with the comprehensive support they need for their success.

The network as a portal

The network is your access point to the world of PAWLIK

We are always there for you as a sparring partner and offer you the opportunity to expand your skills with the latest and sustainable methods.

Projects that you may not have been able to carry out in the past due to their size, can be carried out with the network as your partner. You will have access to our digital products, such as our extensive diagnostic tools or our award-winning blended modules. This allows you to significantly expand your portfolio.

Do you have any other partnerships? No problem! Would you like to appear under your own brand name? With pleasure. Do you want to be and remain the contact person for your customer? Absolutely. Customer protection is one of the cornerstones of the network.

How would you like to work together? The starting point of our partnership!

Three ways to be part of the network

Friend| With the sales partnership you can expand your portfolio

Do you often come across projects or opportunities that you don’t want to pick up for yourself or that you can’t handle in size, but that you really don’t want to leave unused? Do you want to expand your portfolio with digital products and increase your value on the market? Then the Basic Membership is the right start. You will receive extensive sales support to understand the products and start new projects together.

Ambassador | As a sales partner and blended learning trainer you increase your (digital) skills and possibilities

If you want to receive extra commission from leads and introductions that lead to projects (50% more than in the basic version) and you want to develop yourself personally, as well as distinguish yourself in the market, then the Ambassador Membership might be interesting for you. You can offer the topic “blended learning”, which is in high demand on the market, and modern learning trajectories as well as individual learning experiences directly. You can use the content of the Pawlik Academy for the digital part of your training. As part of the network, we also offer certificate training at a discounted price, so you can combine classroom training and digital learning in a didactically meaningful way.

The Ambassador Membership gives you the opportunity to supplement your training with digital elements and to apply selectively award-winning online training, which would otherwise only be offered as part of larger licensing packages and not accessible to individual trainers. In this way you not only inspire your clients with a modern and tailor-made experience, but also with excellent service for all aspects of e-training. We take care of the LMS, take over the administration and provide basic technical support. In addition, you get access to the content of our theory and modules, as well as scripts with key notes, which, in addition to a great deal of convenience, allow you to shine with your customers in a professional manner. The package is rounded off with a personality scan including a 30-minute reflection session with our experts, during which you will personally experience one of our diagnostic tools.

Partnership | Be part of our trainer pool and together we’ll conquer the world…

In this partner option, we work together. You receive all training for half the price and the training to become a Blended Learning certified trainer is free of charge. We perform an extensive potential analysis consisting of a online test and 60 minutes of reflection. This gives you a differentiated picture of yourself and your development potential. You are part of our trainer pool, so we can specifically deploy you in projects. In addition, you have full access to our training database, in which we have put together numerous tried and tested training designs and exercises for you, including full instructions. The partner variant allows you to use the full potential of the network and the organisation behind it. If you want to conquer the world with us and be successful, we want to get to know you!

Our Expertise

Pawlik is known worldwide for creating movement in organizations. PAWLIK is an implementation consultancy that supports companies in converting their goals into results. MAKE IT HAPPEN! The service focuses on four areas of expertise. You can read all about it in our company presentation and on





Get in touch

We’d like to get to know you! In our company presentation you will find all the information about our strategic approach and our products and services, but of course we would like to explain this in a personal conversation.

PAWLIK Company profileDownload

If you send us an email or give us a call, we will contact you directly for an introduction or to answer your questions.


T: 020 – 2800 800


Frequently asked questions

“Can I continue to work under my own brand?“

Absolutely! It’s important for us to give you all the freedom you need. We even want you to keep working under your own brand name. As with good friends, ifyou help each other when you can’t do it alone, but you also give the other the necessary freedom to thrive.

“What is the monthly contribution of 95 or 250 euros?

The contribution is a nominal fee, which primarily serves to guarantee the infrastructure, as well as a certain exclusivity: our internal training, certifications and support in the network are worthwhile.

“Can I keep my clients?”

Of course you can! Together with you, we want to open up new sources to business and enable you to realise larger assignments, romantically speaking: conquer the world with you.

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