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How do you get more out of your employees and your team? How do you align the potential and personality of your employees with the practice? Is there potential in your own leadership and how do you develop those skills? PAWLIK’s analysis tools give insight into the development potential of management and employees. This way we are able to quickly map out personality traits and conscious and unconscious competencies, both at individual and team level.

Our scan options – an overview


The competence analysis ‘scan’ records the success-critical competencies for sales excellence, leadership performance, agile work or agile leadership. It includes:

The online-based scan takes about 30 minutes to complete.


The competence analysis ‘scan.plus’ includes all points of the ‘scan’ and additionally:

The online-based scan takes about 90 minutes to complete.


The potential analysis scan.advanced is a more comprehensive survey, in which a holistic, individual and resource-oriented personality description is possible, which offers the following advantages:

The online-based scan takes about 120 minutes.

Team analysis

Sometimes the focus of an analysis is not on an individual person, but on the whole team. How does the team work together? Where do things go right or wrong in the organisation? How can the team as a whole improve and deliver better performance? Our Team Analysis provides insight into these processes at individual and group level. The participants of the team can complete the Team Analysis online and independently of each other. The report provides clear information about the functioning of the team. The analysis shows the strengths and weaknesses, where the team is successful and how the team can improve its performance.


The analysis

Participants complete the analysis online, at a location and time of their choice. This takes about 30-120 minute depending on the type of scan that was chosen. The scan consists of multiple choice and open questions in which the participant assesses himself/herself.

Online or personal report

The ‘scan’ and ‘scan.plus’ reports are available online immediately after the questions have been completed. The results are clearly displayed and are easy to interpret.

In the ‘scan.advanced’, personal strengths, potential, obstacles, and motives are evaluated in detail. The report is drawn up personally by a PAWLIK-licensed scan consultant.

Personal feedback talk

Would you prefer a personal feedback talk? In a personal conversation, a trained PAWLIK consultant discusses the results of the scan step by step with the participant or with the client. The feedback talk takes place at a neutral location and takes about an hour and a half.

Personal learning strategy

What happens after the analysis? All of our scans give the participant concrete recommendations to actively take up his/her personal development. On the basis of the scan, it becomes clear what individual learning strategy is best suited for a participant. The learning recommendation provides various sources that increase motivation and interest in learning.

The theory behind the model

The potential analysis is not a standard personality test. The analysis not only makes clear ‘how’ a participant works and functions, but also ‘why’.

The analysis distinguishes 120 personality traits and shows the subconscious motivation of the participant. It is not a snapshot, but rather shows what potential skills and strengths a person has and how he/she can develop in the future.

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