Lesson for success

For more than 27 years Pawlik has been working together with consultancy firm Procap.

In this time, we have been able to secure the Procap culture and inspire new employees to become part of this company with guts and ambition.

In this short read, we review the key learnings that can be transferred for success in other organisations.


The company:

Procap is a consultancy agency for the spatial development of the Netherlands. They help governments handle spatial challenges in an expert and creative way. Procap makes tasks concrete, put the right people together, creates a plan, and gets to work for a sustainable future in urban development, mobility, and energy transition.


The challenge:

Upon our introduction, Procap indicated that it was looking for a culture with expertise, creativity, leadership, and energy. Their goal was a company with experienced consultants who are the real deal, are at the heart of the practice, and know the process and the content. They must be able to state what is needed and provide practical advice. No theoretical concepts, but pragmatic solutions, among other things, to develop the commercial focus of project leaders. Procap also wanted a well-thought-out onboarding process to welcome new employees.


The solution:

With our people-first approach, we understand that it is people who make a thriving culture, and it became clear the key to achieving Procap’s vision was empowering its people. Therefore, a new tool was created and established for all Procappers to enhance their connectivity, personal learning, and development goals; The Procap University. The concept is based on educating employees about the possibilities of personal development. As well as personal development for seasoned Procappers, all new joiners are granted access to structured and friendly onboarding. Through the university, they get to know their colleagues and are enabled to assimilate into the company culture and their new role, whilst building their personal development goals.


The result:

Over the years, participation in the Procap University has given Procappers self-awareness and self-confidence and professionalised their work. The University has become an integral part of their Procap life.

This added value has been part of our business for over 27 years. We as co-makers of the University are delighted to see Procap and Procappers flourish in this way. Procap really does what it says, focusing on nurturing and growing their employees’ personal development. And in turn, all these employees create a thriving team culture.


“You are not part of Procap if you have not done University.”


The benefits of a nurturing learning and development plan and a smooth introduction to a demanding work environment should never be underestimated. If you would like to explore the possibilities for your company, we would be happy to brainstorm with you. Contact us via

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