Lesson for success

Pawlik entered into a partnership with the Financial Training Institute (FOI) in 2018 with the aim of serving one of the top 3 banks in the Netherlands.

We look back on this fruitful partnership to assess the learnings that can be applied to other organisations.


The company:

FOI offers virtual and classroom training and education in the field of finance and real estate. The company provides in-company training, with training courses tailored to suit each organisation and department. FOI presents itself as practice-oriented, accessible, up-to-date, flexible, reliable, and constantly on the move. Our client, one of the big 3 banks in the Netherlands, has a multinational focus in the field of banking and financial services.


The challenge:

These dynamic times require business service providers to respond optimally to the ever-changing needs of the market and the customers. Up-to-date knowledge, expertise, and the right way of communicating determine success. This did not escape the attention of the banking giant who were looking for a first-rate method to train its business credit advisors to best serve potential customers.


The solution:

Being successful in credit advice first requires knowledge of the business (content), but it also requires finding the right way to sit at the table as an equal business partner with decisiveness and self-confidence (behavior). The banking institute was looking for a partner for the content, but to underline the importance of content and behavior, FOI and Pawlik decided to work together to offer the perfect package for success; Pawlik for the behavioral part and FOI for the content. After all, as a fully-fledged professional credit advisor, you need to be a master of content, but the best content fades without adequate form.

The training program for the financial advisers included learning the underlying financial principles of lending, such as cash flow analysis, risk analysis, and dealing with all kinds of financial indicators that predict creditworthiness, extending to commercial real estate. To combine all these knowledge components in a conversation in which the credit advisor knows how to take the lead, we practiced with real case studies developed from everyday practice. This enabled true-to-life situations for the financial advisers to practice their new skills.


The result:

The results are impressive: the participants rate this type of training with a 9+ and say that the combination of behavior and content has positively surprised them. The return on investment is directly reflected in practice as advisers are optimally prepared to lead a conversation with a demanding client.


“The combination of content and behaviour is something I have never experienced before. It works really well! Learned a lot.


The cooperation of Pawlik and FOI meant that expertise in the field of both financial content and communication form was utilised and deployed. The participants and trainers experienced this combination as very refreshing. It gave the training an inspiring added value and Pawlik contributed to this with great pleasure.


Are you also looking for such a combination of form and content? We would be happy to assess how to make this happen for you. Contact us via telephone number 020-2800800 or mail to

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