How forming cohesion can contribute to your performance results

The term cohesion is known in the natural sciences as the attraction between atoms or molecules. The term always refers to inner unity, no matter which discipline uses it. In a business context, cohesion means the sum of all the forces that make employees connect with each other and with the company.

The trigger for addressing the topic of cohesion was the corona pandemic. And more specifically with the publication of the ‘Gallup Engagement Index 2021’ and the simultaneous designation of the phenomenon known as the ‘Big Quit’ (employees’ willingness to change jobs), which migrated from the US to Europe. This poses major challenges for companies, as the employees who leave the company are not necessarily the ones who we would like to leave, and the performance of those who stay but do not feel engaged decreases.

A company can only manage, clarify, discuss, and learn from dissatisfaction if it is addressed. The interesting questions for us are: How do you deal with it? What should managers pay attention to? The answers are not the same for everyone. They depend on external factors as well as personalities. In collaboration with the renowned ‘Rheingold Institute’, we conducted a study on cohesion in 2022 to find concrete answers to the question “Where is the problem and how can we solve it?” – to which there is no quick and easy answer.

Certified psychologists conducted in-depth interviews, from which we derived recommendations for managers. Because employee bonding requires new approaches to organisational structures, behaviour and corporate culture. The science also provides further impressive insights, which we can make available to you in the form of presentations, training and coaching.

Below, you can download our white paper that provides an overview of our research. Perhaps you come across topics of particular interest to you that you would like to better understand and implement in your business with the help of our consultants.

Today, more than ever, binding forces are an important factor for professional success. There is a lot of potential in that, and we look forward to tapping into it with you.

Access the research below:

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