Lack of cohesion

In the competitive world of manufacturing, success or demise is at stake. Technological advances and changing market demands create a constant challenge to stay ahead. While recruiting and retaining top talent is becoming increasingly difficult, it is vital that employers focus on cohesion retention. Why? Because the lack of cohesion can hold companies back from reaching their potential.


Good cohesion increases job satisfaction by 42%, engagement with the organisation by 38%, and lowers the intention to change jobs by 55%.


The timeliness of the problem

Within the manufacturing industry, everything revolves around precision, efficiency and quality. Every detail counts. But what if there is a lack of cohesion and unity within teams? The result is delays, errors and reduced production quality. This is where the problem of cohesion comes to the forefront. The lack of a cohesive and collaborative team not only affects current projects, but also the company’s future growth and competitiveness. A study by the Journal of Management & Organisation found that good cohesion increases job satisfaction by 42%, engagement with the organisation by 38%, and lowers the intention to change jobs by 55%.


The importance of cohesion

Cohesion refers to the degree of unity and teamwork within a group. A cohesive team works together towards a common goal, communicates effectively and relies on each other. In the manufacturing industry, cohesion is vital. It enables teams to quickly identify problems, solve them and minimise downtime. High-quality production can only be guaranteed when employees feel valued and supported. Moreover, cohesion leads to lower staff turnover, saving valuable time and resources.


Cohesion as a solution

Now that we understand the importance of the problem, it is time to embrace the solution: cohesion. Building a close and cohesive team is an essential strategy for success in the manufacturing industry. Fostering a clear vision, effective communication, trust and collaboration are the keys to creating a cohesive team that delivers top performance.

Here are some valuable tips to promote cohesion within your organisation:

Tip 1: Strengthen cohesion by letting employees know what is expected of them, giving them direct feedback & genuine recognition.

Providing recognition and rewards for team members who contribute to cohesion and joint success can help foster a positive work culture and build trust and respect among team members.

Tip 2: Despite all the mixing of private and business, make sure some distance between the two is taken into account.

Relationships are always an essential need for people, but when arbitrariness and injustice are involved, trust can quickly evaporate. True leaders are masters at forging teams and know perfectly how to deal with conflicts and disagreements.

Tip 3: Ensure individual freedom in connection with personal responsibility.

Get rid of dogmas; this is how we do it and get rid of formal, uniform and unworkable rules. Learn to act on personal responsibility and individual possibilities. Employees strive to deliver high-quality work.

Tip 4: Create opportunities to learn and grow on/in/at work.

Work on continuous improvement and feedback, lifelong learning and provide development opportunities in line with the talent and potential of the employee(s).

By applying these tips, you will lay a strong foundation for building cohesion within your manufacturing company. It takes time, effort and commitment, but the results are worth it. With a cohesive team that works together effectively, you will be able to outperform the competition and be successful in the dynamic manufacturing industry.

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