Ten proactive strategies for the hybrid future

As a consequence of the pandemic, we’ve all gained experience with adapting to home office environments. And, as recent studies show, working remotely is here to stay. It is therefore important to determine what companies and managers across all sectors can learn from this experience and how, looking forward, they can apply it to the world of work.  

Those who believe they can continue as they have in the past, shifting only once in a while to online or home office platforms, are mistaken. Hybrid work presents us all – and managers in particular – with major challenges. Given that no two employees are the same and that the motives driving them in their work vary, there will be differences in how they respond to in-office and home office environments. Accordingly, managers will need to respond with empathy in providing solutions that suit specific needs. Corporate culture also plays an important role here. How do you create a sense of belonging among colleagues when most of them are working remotely? What do you need to introduce into your corporate culture? In short, what can you do to make sure EVERYONE feels comfortable and thus grow as a team?  

Stable technical infrastructures and the tools for asynchronous online collaboration are equally vital to ensuring that employees can work everywhere and anywhere. In addition, companies should also consider the extent to which their office space needs to be adapted to a hybrid work model.  

Our attached white paper on the hybrid world of work provides the answers to these questions and can serve as a guide for your company in its transformation.  

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