Increasingly faster and stronger anticipation of 'non-negotiable' market developments.

An agile work environment is needed to react quickly to customer requirements and to exploit technological opportunities in a targeted manner. Contrary to common agile myths, this environment is not dominated by its work processes, but its people. In order for an organization to truly be agile, its people do not only need to work agile, but need to become agile.

Becoming agile

At the beginning of cooperation, interdisciplinary, self-organizing teams often experience high frictional losses. They have to agree on new rules, change their techniques and routines, slip into unfamiliar roles and redistribute responsibility. Former employees become decision-makers, managers become “Servant Leaders”, in the service of those who once stood hierarchically below them. We help managers and their employees to quickly and effectively grow into agile teamwork and achieve optimal results.

Building efficient individuals and teams

Self-organized work requires courage and trust within the team, which is jointly responsible without a single decision-maker. In this constellation, purely technical knowledge is not enough. Personal strengths and methodical skills, which were not previously recognized for their impact, are now also in demand. We test the potentials and motivation of the people and develop their missing competences. In this way, the best possible individual and team performance is achieved within the new, agile way of working.

Engaging and keeping talent

Interdisciplinary teams are not simply “a bit of everything”. It is important to ensure that all relevant competencies are represented within a team. We help you with targeted development measures to build teams for specific tasks and goals. Employees can distinguish themselves as indispensable specialists and find an environment in which their contribution counts. This incrases opportunities for creativity, which fosters and retains talent.

Agile leadership

For managers, becoming agile is a new and usually great challenge. The role of the leader is changing from that of a decision-maker with comprehensive responsibility to that of a “servant”, providing people with everything they need to work successfully. We help your managers to develop this new self-image and to build up the leadership skills with which they make their teams successful.

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